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STEP #1 - Update Your Media Library

After you log into the Control Panel, select MEDIA LIBRARY (from left sidebar).

On the bottom, Click on UPDATE MEDIA LIBRARY:

After a few minutes or so (depending on how many songs), it will show you the songs that you have, top level.

Now you need to put the songs into your playlist(s). We will put them into STANDARD ROTATION.

2 ways to do this:

  • Highlight the artist(s) and drag them into the playlist(s) on the left
  • Double Click on an artist and then double click on the album and it will allow you to select a specific song

Here is a screen shot:

Here is how to select a specific artist / song:

If you want to see what is in each playlist, just double click it on and view the songs. You can make changes to the playlist.

For more information, see the users guide at

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