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Enter your Username / Password that you recieved in the sign up e-mail.

If you forgot your passowrd, you can click on Send Password on the bottom.

IMPORTANT - In you have more than one server (eg. 128k & 64k) each one MUST have an unique e-mail address. If not, only the first password will be sent.


This allows you to set up your server. Click on CONFIGURE SERVER from the left sidebar.

Stream Title: Enter the name of your station

E-Mail Address: Enter where we can contact you

Company Name: Enter Company Name (if any)

Website URL: Enter the URL that people can click to see your Station home page.

Source Password: Enter a password for people to connect their encoders to.

Administrator Password: Enter password to user this panel / kick the stream / ban listeners / reserve listeners / etc.

IMPORTANT: If you Change EITHER password you MUST re-start the server.


Some features will not be available to some clients.

Here is the information on the Auto DJ tab:

Auto DJ Status: This can be Enabled / Disabled / Prohibited. To change you MUST Stop your server, change it and then re-start your server.

Royality Reporting Capability: Usually set to DISABLED. See User's Guide for more infomation.

Genre: Enter what kind of music your station plays (eg. Country, Rock, Talk, etc.)

Sample Rate: Do Not Change unless you know what you are doing. If you set this wrong, your station may sound like Alvin & The Chipmunks

Crossfade Length: (For Auto DJ Customers) How many seconds to crossfade a song. We usually set this to 7. Set it to 0 to disable this feature.

Mount Point: Set this to /stream for ShoutCast servers. For Icecast, see the User's Guide.

Station Description: The description of your station.


This is a one page simple website that you can use for your listeners. It contains a FLASH player to tune into your station. NOTE: This FLASH Player WILL NOT play any AAC or AAC+ stations, only MP3.

You may modify items that appear on the start page.

Click on the link near the bottom to see your start page.

User the Code Snippets (on the left sidebar) to create HTML code to build your own site.


This will allow you to create / upload INTRO and BACKUP (fallback) files. The INTRO file will play as soon as someone tunes in your station. The BACKUP file will play if your station goes off the air for any reason.

To make these work, you MUST abide by the following rules:

  • Only MP3 files are allowed
  • The Bit Rate / Sample Rate / Channels MUST MATCH your encoder settings.

If you do not follow the rules, your station may skip or sound like Alvin & The Chipmunks.

Also note that some FLASH players will make your station skip if you use an INTRO file.

We recommend that you do not use these and if you do, it is at your own risk.


Stream Title Format: Should be set to %s (see User's Guide)

Stream URL Format: Should be set to %s (see User's Guide)

Public Server: Usually set to Automatic. If you want to make sure your station is listed on ShoutCast Yellow Pages, set to Always. If this is a PRIVATE station, set it to Never.


It is possible to re-broadcast another station from your server (as the input).

You must have the permission of the other station to do this.

Allow Other Servers To Relay Stream: Set to NO if you do not want any other stations to pick-up your feed.

Allow Relays To Make Stream Public: Set to NO if you don't want to appear on the Shoutcast YP.

Stream Server: Enter the IP address of the stream you are using an the input (eg. xx.xx.xx.xx)

Stream Port: Enter the port number of the stream you are using an the input.

NOTE: The Bit Rate MUST match exactly your encoders. If you re-broadcast at a higher bit rate, your server will be suspended.


If your server loses the source (your PC or DSL / Cable dies) this will help determine what the server does. See the User's Guide for more information.

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