How to Put In A Support Ticket Print

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This seem so basic, but it's not.

You can't believe how many tickets we get with something like this:

"My listeners can't listen"


That tells us nothing of what the issue is.

Here are some rules you should follow to get support to answer your question faster.

  1. ALWAYS include the Server IP / Port # of the server you have having issues with. Most everybody has more than one server and they ALWAYS leave out important facts, like WHICH SERVER is not working.
  2. A picture tells a thousand words. If you can include a screen shot of the error, it really helps.
  3. ALWAYS tell us the error # and / or the error message that you are getting.
  4. Have you gone to the control panel and make sure your server is running?
  5. Have you gone to the control panel and re-started your server?
  6. Is your e-mail address up to date?

If you follow the above rules, your answer will take hours not days. Some tickets have 6 replies until we get the correct information.

You can always go to LIVE SUPPORT on our website.

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