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Send an e-mail to:

with the following information:

1) ALL emails must have one of these three subject lines as follows:
Station Submission: (station name) (ex: Station Submission: Cameo's Favorite
Station Update: (station name exactly as it appears in iTunes)
Other Inquiry: state issue here

2) Each station update or submission must be sent in a separate email (multiple updates to one station or multiple bitrates for one station can be in the same email)

3) We will only accept emails from the contact person that we have on file for the station or a station owner. Listeners, friends, station personnel not listed with us cannot make requests on behalf of a station.

4) Station Submission requests must contain all of the following information:

Station name (this MUST be the name as it is used in positioning on the station, we will not accept numbers or punctuation as part of a station's name unless that is a legitimate part of the station marketing, and yes we do check)
City/State/Country of Origin
Language of broadcast
Station Type (internet-only, terrestrial simulcast)
Is station commercial-free?
station genre(s) for tuner (PLEASE take a minute to look at existing iTunes genres), no more than 1 genre per station
website for station if there is one
Station description (to be shown in tuner, please keep short)
contact person name, email and phone number
IP/URL to point to (multiples with different bitrates are acceptable) (please note we only support MP3 streams at this time)

If you are a Live365 station, you must make your request through iTunes at Live365 (

5) Station Update requests must contain the following information:
Station name (this MUST be the name as it exists in iTunes)
contact person name, email and phone number

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