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About SHOUTcast 2

SHOUTcast 2 is the next generation of streaming software introduced by AOL / Nullsoft.  It brings added stability to your broadcast along with new and improved features.  The Auto DJ feature allows you more control over your broadcast when you are not at your PC.


  1. Serving multiple streams from a single server instance
  2. Relaying multiple streams from a single server instance
  3. Multiplexing all server activity through a single IP port
  4. SHOUTcast 2 wire protocol support for sources, relays and clients
  5. Repackaging of SHOUTcast 1 and SHOUTcast 2 data as needed for connected clients
  6. YP2 infrastructure support
  7. Real-time metadata and statistic reporting
  8. Static station id support
  9. In-stream metadata in standardized xml files
  10. UTF-8 and international character encoding
  11. Improved server and stream security

Control Panel

A redesigned Control Panel allows more control over your broadcast.

  • Control Panel is now a stand-alone control panel; it provides its own web and FTP services and no longer depends on an external Apache, PHP, or FTP server
  • Implemented a brand new, glossy user interface which should be more attractive and intuitive for newer users
  • Added AJAX file manager to allow uploading, managing, and removing files via the web interface
  • Added full support for Windows Media Services streams (including autoDJ) via a Windows-based daemon
  • Added full support for ShoutCast v2 and sc_trans v2
  • Multiple mount points can now be created and individually configured in IceCast and ShoutCast v2
  • Dramatically improved cluster support; web interface can be installed on a single server and only a subset of core files need to be deployed to the streaming server machines
  • Bundled a new Flash player for web-based listening playback of MP3/Ogg streams
  • Added a new DJ account type, which allows station managers to delegate specific privileges (managing playlists, stopping/starting autoDJ, etc.) to their DJs
  • Statistics are now recorded internally relative to UTC, and displayed relative to the user's selected time zone
  • Statistics can now be retained indefinitely and are no longer limited to 60 days
  • Reimplemented statistics system using AJAX for dramatically improved performance; graphs are generated client-side using jQuery/Flot to eliminate server-side image generation delays
  • Historical statistics for user-defined time periods can now be downloaded as spreadsheets (CSV format)
  • Added support for retrieving album details from the iTunes Store and last.fm, as well as custom web sites provided by each user
  • Added automated song request identification and queueing

Auto DJ

  • Now allows you to add in your ICQ / AIM / IRC names
  • Apply / re-calculate Replay Gain Control
  • FTP your songs right in the Control Panel.  No need to go to a remote FTP client.
  • DJ Panel allows you to gain control over your remote DJ's.
  • Cross Fade your songs

Remote DJ Panel allows you to:

  1. Restrict DJ access by Day of the Week, Specific Days, Specific Hours, etc.
  2. Start / Stop the Stream
  3. Start / Stop Auto DJ
  4. Access the Media Library (songs)
  5. Manage the Media Library
  6. View Statistics
  7. View Listeners
  8. View Logs

The above DJ panel items may be allowed or restricted.  A lot of control over your Remote DJ's.  No longer do they have complete access of your station.  Give as many features as you wish.  All DJ's have their unique user name and password.

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