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When you sign up for a Shoutcast server, you are given an IP address and IP port number to use.  You are also given the maximum speed that allowed on your server.  For example, we have servers with the following broadcast speeds:

  • 24kbps
  • 32kbps
  • 48kbps
  • 56kbps
  • 64kbps
  • 96kbps
  • 128kbps

So if you lease a server with a 128kpbs speed, you may stream at that speed or ANY SPEED LOWER (24, 32, 48, 56, 64 & 96).

If you, for example get a server with a 56kbps speed and try to stream at a higher speed (64, 96 or 128), your server will automatically be shut down and suspended.  If this happens, you must open up a trouble ticket with the following information:

  1. Server IP address
  2. Port number
  3. Assigned speed

We will then unsuspend you and give you another password for the server and also SCpanel.

How can this happen to me? .. Good question, several ways:

  • A remote DJ streams at the wrong port / speed
  • You relay another stream which is broadcast at a higher speed .. which will automatically suspend you
  • You have 2 servers and set them up backwards

Please bear in mind that we keep our prices low by conserving bandwidth.  If you try to grab it up, it affects everybody.  The unsuspend process can take up to 24 hours, so please comply with the rules.

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