Control Panel - Menu

The main menu of the Control Panel lets you navigate through it's various options.

Control Panel Menu

- General
  1. Overview - This will let you see a cursory view of your server
  2. Quick Links - Configuration settings to be entered into your broadcast software, Listen Links, On-Line Manual, etc.

- Configuration

  1. Settings - Allows you to make changes to you server.  Stream Name, URL, E-mail Address, Auto DJ set-up, etc.
  2. Widgets - HTML code you can put on your website - Stream Status Summary, Stream Detail, Recent Tracks, Google Map, On-Demand, Song Requests & Tune In
  3. DJ's - Allows you to set up remote DJ's for access (or blocking) of: Start/Stop Stream, Start/Stop Auto DJ, Access Media Library, Manage Media Files, View Statistics, View Listeners & View Logs.

- Statistics

  1. Report - Complete statistics either Recent Activity, Listeners, User Agents (Players), Countries, Tracks & Historical Information
  2. Listeners - Information on current listeners - Country, Listen Agent & Google Map
  3. Logs - Historical Logs that can be reviewed or downloaded


  1. Stop - Stop the server
  2. Restart - Stop and then Start the server
  3. Admin - Go to the SHOUTcast DNA's

Auto DJ

  1. Playlists - Modify the various Playlists - Interval, Scheduled, General  & Immediate
  2. Media - Allows you to Upload Songs / Modify Playlists / Add new Songs / Preview Songs
  3. Files - Access to your songs

Session - Log Out

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