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In SHOUTcast 2 it is possible to have more than one mount for each port.

For example, if our URL is and our port is 8004, our default stream is:
is can also be addressed as:

Assume that this stream is encoded at 128k.  The great feature of SHOUTcast 2 is you can add a second stream on the same port, with a different mount point.

So, we are going to add a 64k stream to the above.

Here is our 128k stream:

SC2 Mount Point

To add the 64k stream click on CREATE NEW:

SC - Add MountPoint

You will now be taken to another screen that has pre-entered a new mount point (/stream2) set up for you.  You can either leave it alone or rename it, maybe to 64k to make it clearer for you.

SC2 - New Mountpoint

From here you can either add more streams, or you can click on UPDATE to save your changes.

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