Mount Points - Relaying A Stream

SHOUTcast 2 gives you the apbility to relay a stream from another IP / Port #. 

It is CRITICAL that you only relay the SAME SPEED stream.  If you, you run the risk of getting shutdown by your Stream Host.  If you want to relay and change the speed, see TRANSCODING.

Since SHOUTcast allows for more than one stream on a PORT, the way relaying works has changed in this Control Panel.

Go to:
Configuration > Settings > Mount Points

Highlight the stream you want to relay.  In this case, we have only one, /stream.

SC2 - Relay Stream

Click on /stream (or right click it), which bring up a new screen:

SC2 Relay a Stream

In the Relay URL box, enter the URL of the source stream.  The URL has the IP / Port # of the stream.  In this case, we use

SC2 Relay

Now, to make this work, you must RESTART your stream.

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