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INTRO FILES - They play as soon as a listener tunes in, just before they hear your stream

BACKUP FILES - In case your PC or stream goes down, this will continually play until you re-connect



  • The file that you use MUST have the same properities as your stream.  For expample if you are broadcasting at 128kbps (bitrate) with 44.1kHz (sample rate) and Stereo (channels) .. your file (intro or backup) must be the same.  You may have to convert your mp3 Liner or message to match this.
  • AAC+ files will NOT work


  1. Go into your Control Panel
  2. Go to Server Configuration > Files
  3. Browse for the INTRO (and / or Fallback) file
  4. Save (update) the Configuration

You will have to restart your server.

Tune in and it should work.

If you just hear the INTRO file, but no stream, it usually means that the INTRO file is not the same bitrate / sample rate / channels as your stream.


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